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Looking to tap the secret "cash cow" market of the Yellow Pages? 


PDI-Direct ™: The Phone Embedded Yellow Pages System patent offers a niche into this lucrative market.


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The Phone Embedded Yellow Pages patent (i.e. ceBerg's PDI-Direct) is currently available for licensing.


A Product Proposal for PDI is also available on the web site.  Background information, as well as the goals and revenue opportunities of PDI are listed in this product proposal.

Please download any of the following information about PDI:

  1. Phone Embedded Yellow Pages US Patent Application 

  2. You can directly access the HTML version of this patent application on our web site by selecting this link.

You can also reference the PDI-Direct patent online at the United States Patent office by selecting the following link: US 5,483,586.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, etc.

(Patent Application Has Been Assigned to : IM Sciences, LLC / Silvox Technologies, LLC / Network Protection Sciences, LLC / Uni Scientific Advances, Inc.)

Some quick facts to chew on about the print Yellow Pages business:



Do you know that the global Private Equity market has been very interested in this market? Private equity has been on a spending spree to buy the Yellow Pages all over the world:


Revenue opportunities

The revenue opportunities for embedding the Yellow Pages (YP) directly into a phone are large and consistent.  


In 2004, the USA print Yellow Pages generated over $14.0 Billion in advertising revenue 1 and Directory Assistance (i.e. 411) generated nearly $4 Billion. Worldwide, the Yellow Pages generated more than $26 Billion 1.


Consider today's YP hardcopy listing rates. The monthly rates that a multi-state, local phone company charges its Yellow Pages' customers are as follows:


Monthly Cost

YP Listing Space

$ 16.00  Regular listing
$ 10.50 Extra line

$ 35.00

One line listing in bold

$ 110.00

One inch space


Half page


Full page


USA market

In the USA there are;

         Over 115 million households. Over 60% are connected to the Internet today;

         Over 10 million small to medium businesses employing over 60 million people;

         More than 1.5 million large businesses employing approximately 91 million people;

         The federal government employing approximately 2.9 million people; and

         State and local governments employing over 20 million people.

All of these various market segments use the telephone as the primary means of communicating and searching the Yellow Pages for information.


1 Yellow Pages Association


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