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Our Business


ceBerg is an Intellectual Property company.

We develop practical and workable solutions, patent them, and then license their use to companies and the public sector.

All of the patents in our portfolio are ones that we have developed. We do not purchase other inventors' patents.

ceBerg solves the challenges that consumers, businesses and governments experience, not only when using digital communications media, but for challenges that can be solved easily by using the appropriate digital media.

Our Marketplace


ceBerg's target domain is the Personal Consumer Communications Industry™ (PCCI™). This includes everyday use of all forms of digital personal communications, including secure Web retailing and banking, email, instant messaging, multimedia Yellow Pages, telephony and TV advertising, among others. The PCCI now generates billions of transactions a day and their variety and reach expands daily.

Our Focus Is On Consumers, Businesses and Governments


ceBerg's patents add value to PCCI products because they enhance the factors that make these products a success - or that lead to their failure when they are absent. These factors are:


  1. Convenience,
  2. Simplicity of configuration and use,
  3. Privacy,
  4. Security and
  5. Personalization of services.


Our Solutions


As demonstrated by our patents, ceBerg's solutions provide modular capabilities that can be quickly and cost effectively incorporated into any PCCI innovation, new and old. Our patents, granted and pending, include:



You have the challenges, we have the solutions.


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